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about paige

Paige (she/they) is a queer emerging artist and theatre-maker who grew up in the Canadian Prairies. She is a recent graduate of the University of Saskatchewan's Bachelor of Fine Arts Acting Program, and also holds a Certificate in Indigenous Theatre and a Minor in English Literature.

From earliest memory, Paige has always been obsessed with disappearing into the different worlds that could be discovered through storytelling, whether they came in the form of books, movies, video games, or live theatre. Currently, she seeks to keep expanding her skillsets into the fields of graphic design, playwriting, and voiceover work.

Paige's greatest interests in theatre lie within devising and creating physical theatre. She strives to be involved in work that embraces the future of theatre: work that encourages diversity and helps to amplify marginalized stories, with a particular focus on queer + feminist narratives, as well as neurodivergence. She seeks to create theatre that is consistently relevent, engaging, and takes risks.  Her goal in life is to be able to tell stories that will find homes in the hearts of others in the same way that all of her favorite stories found a place within hers.

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