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The Romeo Project (2019)

The Romeo Project proves that at the Fringe, bigger can equate to better — because that 18-person cast is one of the biggest in recent memory on a Fringe stage, but also one of the best ... It was the acting that elevates this from just another Fringe show to brilliant theatre ...  the acting is so spectacular you won’t notice the time fly by ... Paige Francoeur stole the show with a powerful, heart-wrenching portrayal of Juliet that belonged on a much larger stage than the Fringe offers.

- Matt Olson, Saskatoon Starphoenix

Playhouse Creatures (2019)

Five talented women ... The play’s heroines are England’s Restoration actresses, an unlikely team of foul-mouthed urchins and well-mannered ladies united in fighting their way onto London’s biggest stages ... Highlights  [include] a heart-wrenching solo scene from Elizabeth Farley (Paige Francoeur) in the second act.

-Zak Vescera, Saskatoon Starphoenix

The Romeo Project (2016)

       (On his favorite local theatre production in the year 2016)

I keep coming back to the final performance of Romeo and Juliet by Persephone’s Young Company. The teen cast knocked it out of the park ... This is what love looks like. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house, including mine.

-Cam Fuller, Saskatoon Starphoenix

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